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Maybe you’re a smart woman who keeps playing small because of the fear of being judged.

Maybe you feel stuck in the “shoulds” and other obligations because you feel responsible for others.

Maybe your life feels so empty and draining to you right now, because you’ve put your soul's desires on hold for so long.

Yet, you feel like you have such a BIG POTENTIAL INSIDE OF YOU and you're finally ready to give it a name and a voice.

You want to find true FULFILMENT
but you're done playing by other people's rules.

You wish to experience a new level of CONFIDENCE, ALIGNMENT within yourself and QUALITY OF LIFE

have been in their career for some time and have reached a certain level of success yet feel like something is missingare driven and seeking change now, not in a year's timewant to ditch perfectionism, imposter syndrome and people pleasing that are holding them back in lifeare ready to explore who they truly are and what they want for themselveswant to uplevel their self confidence and quality of lifeunderstand that ‘living your best life’ isn’t a fluffy mantra, but is the foundation of true happinessare ready for boundaries and independence, and the joy this will bring into their lifeknow that self-development is key to any advancement in career



Invest 3 months in yourself.

I'll take you through a step-by-step process teaching you how to develop your style of confidence and retain it after our coaching journey is complete.

You'll learn all the tools to manage obstacles and challenges, as well as work-life balance with confidence.

I'll help you discover your trues desires for work and life, and transform your life based on connection to yourself and your potential.

Your choices will be based on ease and flow, which is what you deserve!

Through our work together, you'll be able to:

Set effective boundaries about what you can and can’t do for others.Grow self confidence to speak up and question other people's opinions and "rules".Have clarity as to what's missing to live how you truly want.Have guidance and support in taking the first or next step in the right direction.Have a deep sense of worthiness and emotional freedom no matter what you do or accomplish.Let go of wanting to be perfect so you can be open to trying new thingsCreate inner stability and not take things personally, so you won't be so affected by people and situations.Have a mirror, a sounding board who listens and deeply sees you.


Working with Giulia was a very positive experience. Our journey together helped me understand my priorities and values and provided the necessary clarity and strength to achieve my full potential.
She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences and career growth. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained while finding also a greater balance in life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side

Veronica, Strategic Development Consultant & Entrepreneur (New York)

I started a coaching program with Giulia during a very complex period of my life. My career was demanding to be focused 100% on the needs of the business. My family was going through some difficult times I had totally lost focus on myself and my own needs.
Giulia coached me to find my own inner light. A light that showed me the way to an overall empowerment: I feel stronger, confident of my strengths, I celebrate each and every accomplishment and am assertive on my needs and point of views.
After the work we did together, whatever good or bad event characterizes my day, I feel deeply good because I learned something that no parent or teacher ever taught me: true self-love.

M., Area Manager (Italy)

“When I started my coaching sessions with Giulia I was a confused part-time freelancer.

I had a traditional 9-5 job that filled up most of my days and I also had many limiting beliefs that hindered my business project to really kick-start. I listened to my feelings and chose her as my coach… my feelings did not disappoint me!

Giulia was exactly the kind of coach I needed: with the energy she gives you showing you your own strength and potential in her kind and unique way. What I like about Giulia is that she makes you do the job, she does not promise you that it will be easy.Giulia helps you to breathe, reflect and wait for the right answer for you to come! Today I am a full-time professional and I take care of supporting professionals like me and this was possible thanks to Giulia, my “secret weapon”!

Today I feel more confident and in my zone of power, I learned how to set healthy boundaries thanks to the work I’ve done on myself and thanks to Giulia’s trust in me. It ‘s been a wonderful journey! Giulia walks by your side in your everyday life until you get where you want to get. I lined up my possibilities, I created new ones and consciously chose them thanks to Giulia who guided me in my own personal development. One of her mantras is Create your possibilities…well, she kept her promise!”

Vanessa, Virtual Assistant and website developer (Italy)

"Before my coaching work with Giulia I was in a moment of total apathy. Focused on the role of mom, I had stopped thinking about me and my dreams. I felt that the life I was living would be the only one I would have known and lived.Then by chance I met Giulia and something in me said  "give it a try".
I called her and together we started the coaching work.
Finally I felt I still had some opportunities in front of me,I felt the the luxury of dreaming something for me too! Oh gosh, I had totally lost my identity, my aspirations. Then thanks to Giulia's work and empathy, step by step I rediscovered my desires and the willingness to make them come true. Now I am definitely more serene and determined to achieve my goal even if it will be a long journey, but I am sure that I will make it. And for this I thank Giulia, she opened my eyes and heart. 
P.s. I'm finally writing my first book, the desire that I discovered was burning inside me when working together! It's so good to have something that gives me purpose!"

Elisabetta, author & editor (Italy)

I contacted Giulia in a moment of strong dissatisfaction. After each working day I was feeling frustrated and inadequate.
Our coaching work has been a gradual "journey" made up of small steps, in which I managed to give shape to my needs and values and use them to express my skills.
What has changed the most for me is certainly my self-esteem and self-confidence, this has allowed me to play bigger in my career, leave aside my tendency of being a perfectionist and give me the opportunity to try new experiences, even knowing that I could "fail".
I finally decided to start a course to become a yoga teacher, a choice that I would not have had the courage to undertake without the support of our coaching path!

Lucrezia, Finance Controller & Yoga Teacher (Italy)

“In a moment of great uncertainty about my future I came across Giulia’s website and I decided to contact her to start a coaching program together.

Giulia has been immediately kind and welcoming. We then started our fortnightly skype meetings, where I was able to find that physical and mental space for myself to better understand how to unlock some issues in my life. Working with Giulia opened my mind to possibilities and ideas I had never thought of before.

I thank Giulia for her accountability, her energy and for her great listening skills …. she made me feel less alone and empowered me as a woman and professional!”

Sara, M.D. (Italy)

"Giulia is a professional coach but first of all she is a good person. She is an active listener with whom I felt free to talk and share my feelings without the fear of being judged.
She proposed me different exercises built around me that helped me create effective ways to deal with others and, most of all, that helped me in the creation of my own future. I suggest to any woman who is living a not very satisfying moment, to speak with Giulia because in a few meetings she is able to definitely help you and light up the fire of change"

Martina, Food Team Leader (U.K.)

"Giulia is kind and calm. She is is easy to talk to and, out of my experience, I can say there were never awkward moments not even during the first call we had.
Her job with me was to investigate about some aspects of myself, not for a big change, instead to find a balance, to make sure I will be always loyal to myself and aware of my needs in order to take care of them.
I define coaching as art and, exactly as any other artistic job, needs passion. I saw this passion in Giulia together with a genuine interest in getting to know and understand me, also providing some customized tips and "exercises" .
She underlined to me how important is to train our mind everyday.
We had 1+4 meetings but it looks longer considering what I shared and also how we laughed about some consideration of my personality.
It was definitely useful and fun.
Thank you Giulia!"

Rossella, Inside Account Manager (Netherlands)

Giulia is a professional who is keen to listen to your emotions and points of view. I really appreciated her great sensitivity, the ability to make me feel at ease and to guide me with simple suggestions and exercises.
I think she is the right coach for all those women who aspire to feel more empowered in their everyday life, get out of their comfort-zone and reach their full potential.
I highly recommend her!

Elisa, Digital Content & Communication Specialist (Italy)


  • - 6x60 min in depth coaching sessions

  • - email support in between sessions

  • - recording of our sessions, for your rewatch

  • - action prompts after each session

  • - 1x30 min follow up session or bonus session to brainstorm on the spot

  • - accountability, resources, self reflection exercises to deepen your coaching experience

After our 6 sessions, we can decide to keep working together with additional 4-6 sessions. My goal is to empower you but I'm not leaving your corner until you feel confident and have gained your desired tranformations.

INVESTMENT: 3 monthly payments of €500

Are you looking for more clarity, brainstorming and a
shorter program?

I've got you covered:


  • 90 min. coaching session

  • 1 week email support after the session

  • recording of our Intensive

  • 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) exercise customized to your needs


The women I support best are ready to awaken their power, express themselves with authenticity and create true fulfilment based on their desires.
Schedule a free Expansion call with me to see how I can help.

I’m Giulia and I’m a certified Life Coach supporting women leaders all around the world.

But there’s more to it.

I am also a travel enthusiast, an avid reader, an ongoing learner, an astrology and human design nerd,
a woman who has found a way to express her feminine potential.

I am a blend of many different skills and interests, I am a multipotential powerful woman and I bet that so are you.


-Bachelor Degree in Economics
-Masters Degree in Marketing
-Life Coaching Diploma
-Career Coaching Diploma
-Restorative Yoga Teachers Training
-12+ years in the corporate world


I have a strong energy, that I’m also able to awaken in others.

I am a pro at seeing and creating possibilities: I am here to support you where you are unable to see alternatives or you need a hand to make them come true.

Curiosity is definitely one of my strong points, that has always led me to travel around the world and to develop many interests. I constantly uplevel my skills and I put everything that I learn at your service.



I believe in a mix of dreams and planning, of strategy and magic, experience and flexibility.

Working with me means we will bring our heads, hearts and gut to the table in order to co-design your vision for yourself.

I know the feeling of something missing in life and the feeling of not fitting in.

But I also know how good it feels to discover what you really stand for, express your authentic voice and give yourself permission to create your own life.

I’m glad you are considering to make your dreams come true
and live as the most authentic, confident and powerful woman you can be.

I’m excited about getting to know & supporting you!

If you'd like to stay in touch, connect with me on LinkedIn, that's where I hang out mostly


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